As a part of strategic planning here at Progressive Counseling, Technology has become an essential component of how we do business as a mental health provider. Whether we are using the most sophisticated Electronic Medical Records system or creating a paperless environment to make services more efficient, it has been critical to make sure we are creating the best environment for our clients to succeed. Mental health disorders are very common, but far too few people receive the best treatments. As we continue to use the best evidenced based techniques to our approach, much greater access to the best psychological treatments may be achieved using automated delivery in virtual reality (VR). With virtual reality simulations, individuals can repeatedly explore 3D simulations and be taught, via evidence-based psychological treatments, how to overcome difficulties. A key advantage of VR is that individuals know that a computer environment is not real but their minds and bodies behave as if it is real; hence, people will much more easily face difficult situations in VR than in real life and be able to try out new therapeutic strategies. VR treatments can also be made much more engaging and appealing for patients than traditional therapies. To access our VR experience call today to schedule your appointment.

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