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Fee Schedule

Fees for services provided by PCCS are listed below. All services are provided on a sliding scale basis. No client will be denied services based on inability to pay. In the event you have Medicaid, private insurance, or another applicable payment source, you understand that you will be responsible for charges not paid by such third-party, in accordance with this fee schedule and as allowed by federal and state law. You understand that charges you are responsible for will be billed to you monthly and that you may pay by money order or check within 30 days from the time you receive the invoice.

Service Charge(s)

Assessment/Intake - $150.00 One Time Charge

Individual Counseling - $ 50.00 per ½ hour

Group Counseling - $ 50.00 per hour

Crisis Intervention - $ 50.00 per 15 min.

Initial Treatment Plan Development - $150.00

Treatment Plan Review - $150.00 Annually or Per Review Period

Family Therapy - $ 50.00 per ½ hour

Payment arrangements for services provided by outside agencies (such as lab work, physical examinations, radiology, etc., are not covered in this fee schedule. Payment arrangements must be made between the client and the outside agency providing the service at the time the services are contracted or rendered.